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3 Simple Beauty Techniques Redheads Should Master

New Year's resolutions

By: Alyssa Showalter

Christmas is over and New Years is poking its head from down the alleyway. This of course means, parties and getting together with friends and family. Either way, you will need to look your best, and for us redheads, we already do. However, I know some of us like to dress up and really feel the spirits of the holidays and get into the party mood. Here are some redhead beauty techniques and advice that will help you get ready:

1. Pamper Yourself

First and most important step of all; pampering yourself. Nothing will help you be the life of any party, than feeling refreshed and rested. This actually goes for everyone of all ages, but I know a few people who say sleep is for the weak. Yes but the weak don’t have big puffy bags under their eyes. Get plenty of sleep.

With rest and pampering, you will need the essentials, such as: showering, washing your face, moisturizing and looking your very best.

If you are on the move and don’t have time to freshen up, try to carry around towelettes. I like using Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes. It won’t leave your face feeling stiff or covered in oils. Another facial wipes brand I like to use is Yes to Tomatoes and Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes. They don’t dry out my face and help my skin feel clean.

When it comes to makeup, a friend told me this. “For Redheads, less is more.” The truth has been spoken. We really don’t need a whole lot of makeup to try and stand out. I tried once, and I ended up looking like the clown at my friend’s parties. My favorite brand is the Yes To brand. Stick to the brand that you like and your skin is okay with, and don’t over do it. As cute as Pandas are, and they are; however, you don’t want to look like one wearing a really nice outfit. Remember, less is more.

2. Water

Keep drinking water. Staying hydrated is the utmost important thing to do when going to parties. Yes, have drinks and enjoy yourself, but be sure to drink a glass of water in between to make sure you don’t lose your classy red head image. There are other ways to be the life of the party; getting drunk and dancing on a table is not something you want to be remembered for. You and your body will be glad you did.

3. Make Your Red Hair The Show Stopper

Take care of your beautiful hair. It’s the feature that really ties and balances your whole look together.

Check the hair section of for products and other friendly advice that are ‘redhead friendly’ approved. That’s what I’ve been doing for over a year. So far, the products that they recommend are amazing.

Happy Holidays Everyone, and Rock it like a Redhead!

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