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How to Contour Fair Redhead Skin Without Looking Orange

Sculpt Your Fair Skin to Perfection!

Contouring your face can help to enhance and sculpt your face for more defined redhead beauty features. Contouring redhead skin can be tricky because a lot of contour products are too dark or orange, and can make the skin look muddy. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting the perfect contour (especially if you have fair skin): 

1. Prep your skin

A huge part of getting a good finish and staying all day contour for any skin tone is starting with a good base. Start with clean, moisturized skin and then apply primer. Applying a creamy foundation will help the contour to melt into the skin making it blendable and easy to work with. Make sure you blend your foundation fully before starting on your contour.

2. Choose the right color 

Picking the right color is key when it comes to contour. There aren’t a lot of great options for fair-skinned people, but you don’t have to settle for something that’s too dark or too orange. A few great contour products for fair skin include:

Redhead Tip: If you’re cool-toned and struggling to find a more taupe bronzer that works for you, try cream eyebrow products intended for light brown brows.

3. Apply lightly and how to apply 

If you’ve watched any makeup tutorial videos, you’ve probably seen beauty gurus take a pretty heavy hand with their contour. Getting the right amount of contour takes practice. If you apply too much product, you’ll end up muddying your makeup and it won’t look good. 

Use the graph below to determine where to apply the dark contour and light contour. Contour products go a long way, so start light, blend and then apply a little more as needed. Over time you’ll start to learn how much works for your skin.

4. Blend, blend, blend 

The key to making your contour look natural is blending. You want to blend and blend and when you think you’re done, blend some more. Blending will help the product meld with your skin and create a flawless finish. Not enough blending can easily leave you with harsh lines, uneven tone, and cakey makeup.

5. Highlight and brighten

Contouring your face will darken some areas to help create depth. To create the full effect, you need to lighten and brighten other areas of your face. This can be achieved with concealer or highlighter. Focus on the highest points of the face to help draw the eye there. 

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