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The 10 Commandments of Fair Skin

It's all about having confidence in who you are, inside and out!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Redheads, when it comes to having fair skin, there are strict commandments for one to live by. When all of your friends are tanning at the beach, and you feel left out, have confidence that your fair skin is gorgeous.

Here are the 10 commandments every redhead with fair skin should abide by:

1. Sunscreen. Always

Sunscreen is important in the summer and winter months. Any kind of exposure to UV rays, whether they are high or low, can damage the skin. SPF 30+ and anything with a mineral base is recommended.

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2. Moisturizer is key

Moisturizer is always necessary no matter what type of skin or color you have. It’s best to use a multi-step skin regimen daily.

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3. Choose the right shade of makeup

It’s always important to choose the right shade of makeup for your redhead skin. Us fair skin girls should never pick a darker shade of foundation just to look darker. Plus, the line on the side of the chin is not too attractive. Let your freckles and/or fair skin shine bright and embrace your natural-ness.


4. Use only the best ingredients

When it comes to redhead skincare products and makeup we should only use the best ingredients. We don’t want products that can harm our skin in the long run or things that can get absorbed into our bodies that aren’t the best for us.


5. Eat right

Eating right can definitely play a role in how great your skin looks. A balanced, healthy diet not only will help you preserve your smooth skin but it will help your body all around. Plus, did you hear some healthy foods can actually make your skin look naturally TAN?! Read it here.

6. Beauty sleep

There’s truth to this phrase! A full eight hours of sleep makes a huge difference in your skin. Your skin actually repairs at night, giving you the porcelain skin you’ve always wanted.


7. Don’t smoke

Smoking causes wrinkles and aging on the skin as well as other health problems. Wrinkles can be more noticeable on fair-skinned women because the skin is actually thinner. This is known as couperose skin. 

8. Enjoy at-home remedies

From DIY facials, body scrubs or natural hair highlights, sometimes the best skin remedies can be found in your home. The best part about it is you know what ingredients are going in your skin and it can be a lot of fun to do by yourself, or with friends. Read more about the power of coconut oil.


9. Beware of self-tanners

We all want that subtle bronzed look, but sometimes those self-tanners don’t do a justice on our skin (unless you find one in the H2BAR Box that has been ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved).  If you’re really determined to get that gilded look, go for something with a more subtle color. Usually, the more bold tan colors tend to streak on the skin.

10. Rock it like a Redhead! 

The most important commandment yet is to embrace who you are. There are so many girls who are ashamed to have fair skin (and red hair). Rock your natural features and others will begin to find it beautiful too. It’s crazy how far a little confidence can go.


Rock it! 

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