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6 Important Makeup 101 Tips for Redheads

What mistakes did you make when you first started wearing makeup?

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Updated: May 24, 2020 and June 30, 2021

When I first began wearing makeup, I bought deep black mascara, the blackest-of-black eyeliner, and a concealer that was too dark for my skin tone. Although my mother, who is also a redhead, advised me against these color choices, I wanted to be like everyone else. Eventually, I realized that these colors did not look natural and were not all that flattering. Although these makeup mistakes are funny now, I would have loved this list of the best ‘beginner’ redhead makeup tips:

1. Brown Mascara

It’s still dark enough that it enhances and elongates lashes, but not so harsh that it clashes with light brows. I also find that brown mascara brings out and complements my freckles too.

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‘Redhead Friendly’ Tip: If you are still clinging to your black mascara, or are too afraid to go deep on the eye, it’s fun to use brown on the top and black on the bottom, or vise versa.

2. Cat Eye

Red hair is so bold and beautiful. Pair your look with a classic cat-eye using your favorite liquid eyeliner. You can choose black, blue, brown or green – whichever suits your personality. This can be a daytime look with a small wing, or a dramatically bold statement for a fun night out.

3. Blush and Bronzer

Blush on a redhead is gorgeous! I interchange between blush and bronzer depending on the season and the look I’m going for. I typically wear more blush in the winter because I find it matches well with my wardrobe. I like to apply a little bit of bronzer to my cheekbones and temples during the summer months.

4. Eyeshadow + Lip Color

Shades of peach, copper, and plum look beautiful on a redhead. Peaches bring out the soft tones of the hair and illuminate the pink undertones of the skin. Plums and coppers are great because they really help to warm up the eyes and in turn the rest of the face.

Simply applying a lip balm is a great everyday go-to, especially if it contains an SPF. Lip colors are also a really fun way to play with color. A bright pink or a radiant red paired with fair skin and red hair makes for a stunning look.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Tip: Apply a lip balm before lipstick for lasting color and an easier application.

5. Foundation

Remember, less is more. Most redheads go through the stage of wanting their skin to be darker, so they choose a darker foundation. Don’t do it! Go the natural route. Choose a redhead-approved liquid foundation or a simple mineral powder. If you have freckles, don’t cover them up. Let your skin shine through.

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6. Eyebrows

You have to save the best for last. If you have fair eyebrows, try the Finally Have Brows eyebrow gel product. The wand will give you more control and add some definition to your brows.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Tip: Do not try to match your brows to your hair. It’s a big redhead makeup mistake.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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