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What’s Special About Finally Have Lashes & What’s Next

Spoiler: A new brush, new formula & new shades are coming soon!

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The struggle is real for redheads with light lashes. If we don’t wear mascara, lashes can disappear completely, or traditional mascaras on the market can make you feel like your fair features are being overpowered. Black mascara isn’t always a good option for redheads, and although there have been more brown options over the years, there was nothing that felt quite right. This is why we were determined to not only make a mascara line that caters to redheads’ color preferences, but is also sensitive skin safe.

If you’ve been following us for the past year, you may know Finally Have Lashes® was created to volumize, curl, lift, and lengthen lashes in a sensitive-friendly formula. The entire line was designed, developed, and tested by redheads because we know what it’s like to try and find the perfect mascara. It’s also made without alcohol, gluten, GMOs, oil, parabens, phthalates, silicones, or talc. Finally Have Lashes® is cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny approved, and vegan. We make our products in the USA too.

Finally Have Lashes® currently comes in three ‘Redhead-Friendly’ shades, because all redheads are different! Our best-selling redhead shade is “Perfectly Red: Red-y for Lashes”. It’s a light ginger auburn color that gives redheads a natural-looking lash for “no makeup makeup” days. Next up is “Perfectly Brown: Brown with a Splash of Red” this is a reddish brown color that suits redheads with darker hair or those who want something a little more dramatic. And of course, we rounded out the collection with our black shade called “Perfectly Black: A Full 180”. We know some redheads like black mascara, and we wanted our redhead community to have all the options in sensitive skin-friendly formulas. 

What’s next for Finally Have Lashes? 

In early August, we shared a sneak peek of two new shades joining the Finally Have Lashes line this fall/winter 2023. And, there’s new technology, a new brush and an updated formula coming to all shades in the line. You can see the new brush in the main photo above. Check out one more below + we will update everyone with more news soon:

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Redheads everywhere are raving about Finally Have Lashes® with hundreds of 5-star reviews! If you haven’t tried it for yourself, stop waiting, it’s worth it. 

Finally finally!!!

“Always have been so sad to not be able to accent a more natural color on my lashes for a laid-back makeup look. So thrilled with this product! Adds great color and volume to my lashes!” – Rosie

Still in love!

“My second tube is as fabulous as the first! I went from not bothering w any mascara because I didn’t like the look to wearing it every day. It simply looks natural, not fake. My eyes are sensitive, and this doesn’t irritate them. I love the polished look it gives me! I have the red and the brown with red and both are keepers!” – Holly

Perfect Natural Lashes Look

“A lot of days I don’t like to wear makeup and as and love the natural coloring and fullness this mascara creates.” – Lauren


“After ordering this, I will never go back! It’s the PERFECT color for me as a redhead! It stays all day and doesn’t go under your eyes even while sweating or swimming. Will be repurchasing!” – I.F.

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Check out our H2BAR Complete 7 Product Redhead Kit! Finding products for red hair and sensitive redhead skin can be super hard, and we want redheads to quit settling and FINALLY have products made for them. Because we know redheads love this collection of products, we’re offering a bundle where you can get everything in the H2BAR “Finally” line. This collection includes all three Finally Have Lashes® shades, as well as, the first haircare product in our new line, Finally Glossy®. Also, we cannot forget our amazing Finally Have Brows® line, which includes both the gels and a brow pencil for redheads. 

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We’re so excited to share more with you soon. In the meantime, Rock it like a Redhead!