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5 Alternatives to Black Mascara For Redheads

Exciting launch coming soon too! Are you ready?

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Jet black mascara can create give you a lot of definition and make the eyes pop, but for some redheads, it can look quite harsh. Here are five of our favorite color alternatives for redheads: 

1. Auburn

For a “no makeup” makeup look, opt for an auburn mascara that’s close to your natural hair color. This color will help define the lashes without making them look heavy or overdone. Here’s a first-time sneak peek of an exciting H2BAR launch coming soon! The auburn mascara shown is part of a mascara series with other shades. We can’t wait to share more. 

Redheads Recommend: How to be a Redhead’s RED-Y for Lashes: Perfectly Auburn Mascara (LAUNCHING FALL 2022)

How to be a Redhead's RED-Y For Lashes: Coming Fall 2022

2. Burgundy

The warm red tones of this burgundy mascara will complement red hair nicely without feeling too harsh. This mascara looks amazing with a warm-toned makeup look or worn alone.

Redheads Recommend: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara in Dream Pop

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Mascara: $29

3. Blue

If you want to make a statement, try blue mascara. It will make your red hair pop and bring out your eyes in a really stunning way.

Redheads Recommend: BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara in Brightening Blue

BADgal BANG Volumizing Mascara: $24

4. Dark Brown

For a more classic look that’s just a hit warmer than true black, try a dark brown mascara. You can pair this with dark brown eyeliner as well.

Redheads Recommend: Vivienne Sabó Paris Classic Everyday Mascara Cabaret Premiere in Brown

Vivienne Sabo Mascara: $13

5. Purple

For something dramatic that adds a little pop of color, try a dark purple mascara. This looks gorgeous paired with a neutral champagne eye look or even something berry toned.

Redheads Recommend: L’Oreal Original Volume Building Mascara in Deep Violet

L'Oreal Original Volume Building Mascara in Deep Violet: $8

Rock it like a Redhead!