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A Guide to Makeup Brushes and Tools for Redheads

Know which brush or tool to use for each beauty product

The tools you use can really make or break your redhead makeup application. If your makeup isn’t applying coming out the way you want, you might want to consider the brushes you’re using. Here’s your guide to which brushes (and tools) should be used for which products:


When applying your foundation you want something with a large, flat surface that won’t suck up too much product. The large surface will allow you to cover more of your face in less time and won’t leave brush strokes as a small brush would. Great options for the foundation include flat buffer brushes, large rounded brushes, and makeup sponges

Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush By KESHIMA: $10

Tinted moisturizer

Like foundation, you want something with a larger surface area. You can use the same type of brushes as your would for a foundation, but a sponge is optimal to get that nice sheer coverage. Since tinted moisturizer is typically thinner than foundation, you can even use your hands to apply it. 

Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Blender: $3


You want your concealer to be applied in small areas with high coverage. This means you want to opt for a smaller more dense brush to help you really get it packed on to cover dark circles or blemishes. That being said you want to make sure you’re still able to blend. Doe-foot applicators like the ones that come with your concealer are a great option, and so are small rounded concealer brushes. You can use a makeup sponge to blend out the area if need be. 

Real Techniques Concealer Brush: $7


For chiseling and defining the face you want to make sure you have a brush that can help with accuracy. Opt for a more dense, angled contour brush to help really sculpt your face.

Anmor Flat Contour Brush: $7


Many people confuse bronzer and contour because the same products can be used but they are different. You can bronze without contouring and vice versa. Bronzer should be used with a light hand to help create a subtle glow. For this opt for a large fluffy brush to help move the product around without muddying the face. 

e.l.f. Flawless Bronzer Brush: $7


Similar to bronzer, blush is intended to give your face color, but you don’t want to go too heavy-handed. For cream blushes, doe-foot applicators, makeup sponges, or even your fingers are great a option. For powder, blushes stick with a medium-sized fluffy blush brush.

Real Techniques Mini Multitask Makeup Brush: $7


You always want to use small brushes for eyeshadow, to help you get a precise look and keep things clean. For your all-over lid color, opt for a looser brush that still packs on the product but allows movement. For your crease and inner corner, pick a small dense brush. You should use a fluffy brush for blending.

YUE SHEN NAN Eyeshadow Brushes: $6

Setting powder

To complete your look you want to lock it all in with a setting powder. Setting powder is best applied with a large fluffy brush to get a light dusting across the face. For more precise areas like under the eye, you can opt for a smaller fluffy brush or a makeup sponge.

IT COSMETICS Fluffy Brush, $33

Get a complete set

Don’t want to buy separate brushes and want the simplicity of one brush kit? We get it. We love a hypoallergenic set for sensitive redhead skin.

EIGSHOW Vegan Makeup Brushes, $16

Rock it like a Redhead!