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Redhead Guide: How to Choose Makeup Brushes

Keep Sensitive Skin Safe with the Right Brushes

The application of makeup can be quite triggering for sensitive skin, so just like you would patch test a new product before use, it’s important to select the right makeup brushes for your redhead skin. Here are some tips for choosing the right makeup brushes and also keeping them safe for your sensitive skin.

How to pick the right ones

For those with ultra-sensitive skin, the materials your brushes are made out of matter. Opt for synthetic brushes, as they are more likely to be sensitive skin safe than brushes made with animal byproducts. Additionally, you can find synthetic brushes that are also hypoallergenic. 

Another thing to look for is soft brushes. Sensitive skin can be easily reddened by anything hard or scratchy, so opt for something as soft as possible to reduce that pressure on the skin. You can also opt for a beauty sponge if you aren’t finding brushes that work with your skin.

How to care for the makeup brushes 

Once you’ve selected your brushes, it’s important that you use them in a manner that won’t irritate the skin. Try using a light hand when applying makeup, to avoid excess pressure on the face. Opt for products that allow you to build coverage slowly rather than having to work it in roughly. 

You also need to clean your brushes regularly to keep them sanitary. If you have sensitive skin you are much more likely to break out or cause blemishes when using dirty brushes, so wash them frequently in a gentle, sensitive skin-safe soap or cleaning solution. 

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