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The 7 Best Bar Soaps for Redheads

Many of us have forgotten bar soaps exist in a world full of liquid soaps. Liquid soap has a reputation of being gentler on sensitive skin, but some new bar soaps on the market are actually much gentler. The right bar soaps won’t contain additional chemical surfactants that strip natural skin barriers as many liquid soaps have. Bar soaps can be eco-friendly and extremely cost-effective due to minimal packaging and concentrated lather.

Redhead skin is slightly acidic, so it important to choose a soap that has a low pH, in order to preserve its delicate acid mantle. There are a few key ingredients that are best avoided when choosing a bar soap for sensitive skin which include, fragrances (even natural essential oils), synthetic dyes, parabens, and sodium lauryl sulfate (to name a few).

Here are some ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved bar soaps that are worth a try if you have sensitive skin or prefer a fragrance-free soap:

*Also, remember to support small local soap companies as well! A quick google search will pull up local soap makers in your community. Often times they will take suggestions for new formulas or create custom made soap.

1. Dr. Bronner’s Baby Unscented Bar Soap, $5

This wholesome castile soap designed for baby’s delicate skin is made with natural nourishing oils that your redhead sensitive skin will love. For all of you that love a good multipurpose soap, look no further! The Dr. Bronner website lists multiple uses for this soap including, face cleanser, shaving cream, produce wash, pet shampoo, general cleaning etc. Winning! 

2. Goat Milk Stuff Purity Goat Milk Soap, $6

The creamy lather this soap makes washing your hands and body a truly luxurious experience! This bar is long-lasting and can be used both on face AND body. It is especially good for those redheads who have extremely sensitive skin. Goat milk provides moisture to the skin while gently cleansing and toning the skin at the same time.

3. The Soap Works Shea Butter Bar Soap, $3

This simple soap contains natural ingredients and is rich in both vitamin A and E. These are powerhouse vitamins that work to feed your skin with necessary nutrients. Additionally, if you value eco-conscious companies this one is for you. They are committed to a low waste philosophy and use minimal packaging.

4. Kiss My Face Olive Oil Bar Soap, $3

A bar of soap with just three simple ingredients including olive oil, water, and sea salt. If you find that too many ingredients cause adverse reactions, you might have some luck with this bar. An earthy scented green bar that is vegan, non-GMO, and paraben-free!

5. Rocky Mountain Natural Unscented Bar Soap, $6

A natural Canadian brand that creates soap and other body care items. It boasts of high-quality ingredients, many of which are sourced from sustainable sources. This unscented soap is naturally free of colors and fragrance including essential oils. It utilizes moisturizing oils including coconut, olive, and sunflower, which work to boost hydration in the skin.

6. Live Clean Baby Unscented Bar Soap, $7

Another soap designed with infants in mind but works great for all sensitive skin types and is made with 99% natural plant ingredients. Formulated without preservatives, petroleum, or fragrance. If you struggle to find soaps that do not irritate your skin often baby soaps can be a safe bet, however, not all of them are free from harmful chemicals or additives, so be sure to read the ingredient lists carefully!

7. Pacha Soap Company, $15

The price tag may be higher than the rest, but this company is known for their special bar soap. The smells are luxurious and the ingredients are all-natural; free of SLS, parabens, sulfates and other yucky chemicals.

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