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Should Redheads Apply Makeup with Fingers or a Brush?

We're breaking down the cons and pros of using your fingers for application!

Some people prefer to apply their redhead makeup with a sponge, or with a brush, while others like to use their fingers. Over the years there’s been much debate as to whether it’s “bad” to use your fingers. Well, here’s everything you need to know to make the decision for yourself: 

Cons of applying makeup with fingers: 

  • Clean hands are a MUST: One downside to applying makeup with your fingers is running the risk of spreading dirt or germs to your face from your hands. Clean hands are a must. Wash your hands thoroughly before you start and keep them clean as you work to avoid spreading bacteria. 
  • Blending will take longer: When you blend your makeup with a sponge or brush, you have more surface area which means blending is faster. When working with your hands, you typically only work with 1 – 2 fingers which means blending will take longer. The longer it takes you to blend the more your makeup will dry down which could lead to patchiness or streaks.
  • It’s messy: Applying makeup with your hands can be very messy. It’s best when done in a bathroom or near a sink so you can wash your hands in between. The last thing you want to do is get foundation all over your other products or accidentally rub eyeshadow on your cheek

Pros of applying makeup with fingers:

  • Pigment can be stronger: Pigmented products like eyeshadow can appear more vivid because of the heat of your fingertips! 
  • There’s less product waste: Because you’re cutting out the middleman (aka the brush or sponge), there’s less product waste. Beauty application tools typically soak up a bit of the product whereas your fingers may soak up a tiny bit but mostly it stays on the surface. 
  • You have more control: If you’re new to makeup application or just don’t feel confident with a brush, you can get more precision with your fingers because you know exactly where to move them. 

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