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5 Ways Redheads Can Blush Other Than The Cheekbones

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Blush is one of the most multi-use products in your makeup collection, and if you’re only using blush for your cheekbones, you’re missing out. Different colors of blush can help to enhance the skin and create a gorgeous cohesive look. Here are our top 5 ways redheads can use blush other than your cheeks: 

1. Eyeshadow

Blush can make a great eyeshadow. You blend your regular blush up into the outer crease of your eye to create a flushed look when you aren’t wearing any other eye makeup. Or you can use different shades of blush as a warm eyeshadow to create a unique look.

The great thing about using your blush as eyeshadow is that it’s really easy to create a cohesive, monochromatic look. Use a blending brush to apply blush on your eyelids. This creates a seamless, monochromatic look that ties your eye makeup to the rest of your face, adding a subtle touch of color.

2. Lip Tint

Because blush is usually a nice coral, pink or red it makes a great lip tint. Mix some blush with your favorite chapstick or Vaseline to create a lip balm with a hint of tint! This is perfect for when you’re out and about and find yourself without a lip color, or for those no-makeup days when lipstick is a bit too much.

Mix a small amount of blush with lip balm or gloss. Apply the mixture to your lips for a customized tinted lip color. This technique ensures your lip color complements the overall tone of your makeup.

3. Forehead

Applying blush to your forehead can help to brighten the face. You can even use more coral or peach-colored blushes as a bit of a contour/bronzer. For redheads, adding a dark bronzer to your forehead can make your skin look washed out. Instead, apply a nice peachy blush near the hairline for a glowy effect.

Lightly brush blush on your forehead, focusing on the hairline. This technique adds a subtle flush to your upper face, creating a balanced and radiant complexion. Using a fluffy brush, sweep blush on your temples in a soft, circular motion. This not only adds warmth but also creates a subtle contour effect, enhancing the dimensions of your face.

4. Jawline

Similarly to how you can use blush on your forehead, you can use it to help shape and define the jawline without the darkness of a bronzer or contour. Just be sure to apply lightly and blend well to avoid a sunburnt look. Apply blush along your jawline, blending it downwards towards your neck. This not only defines your jawline but also contributes to an overall cohesive and radiant complexion.

5. Blend Redness

If you suffer from redness in your face, you can use blush to make it look more even and intentional. Blush can help to diffuse any spots where your redness ends and your normal skin tone begins or to help even out redness that may be primarily in one area of the face. Opt for a smaller brush and lightly dust blush along the bridge of your nose. This technique mimics a sun-kissed glow, providing a fresh and youthful look.

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