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6 Ways to Reduce Facial Redness in Summer

Summer Redness Doesn't Have to Rule Your Skin

Most redheads suffer from temporary skin redness. This redness isn’t from a sunburn, it comes from overheating, blemished skin, or temporary irritation to the skin. Because most of us have fair skin, this redness may show more than it would on others. Redness is very common during the summer months when the weather is warm, so here’s how to combat it:

Facial spray

Using a facial spray is a great way to reduce redness when you’re on the go. If you feel your face getting red while out and about in the warm summer sun, you can simply spray some on and help reduce that redness. Facial sprays can work for all types of redness.

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Cool compress

Cooling down the skin is a good way to reduce redness caused by skin irritation or overheating. Simply apply a cold compress to the forehead, cheeks, and back of the neck to help lower body temperature a little. 

Soothing facial mask

A soothing face mask is a wonderful way to reduce redness in the skin. Opt for something like aloe or rosewater to nourish the skin while also soothing redness.

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Color correction

If your redness is from blemishes or a skin condition like rosacea, some of these other methods might not work as well. Instead, you may want to opt for color-correcting makeup to help reduce the signs of redness. 

Use soothing skincare

Look for skincare with anti-inflammatory ingredients to help reduce redness. Ingredients like licorice root, caffeine, aloe, and niacinamide can all help to reduce redness when used over time. 

Adequate sun protection

While this redness is different from sunburn redness, exposure to the sun can make it worse. Always wear SPF and opt for a hat that provides shade to your face to help reduce additional redness and irritation. 

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