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7 Redhead Friendly Tips for Conquering Facial Redness

Facial redness can have a number of different causes from skin conditions such as rosacea to sunburns or too much alcohol. Redheads also have sensitive, thin skin which tends to show facial blushing more as well. There are many ways to naturally minimize the look of redness in our skin.

1. Always use cool or tepid water to wash your face.

Hot water increases blood circulation causing facial redness and irritation to occur and can cause permeant damage. 

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2. Avoid harsh soaps and chemical cleansers.

They can cause skin irritation and exacerbate redness. 

3. Avoid inflammatory foods which can cause facial redness.

These foods include alcohol, dairy, spicy foods and sugar. Instead incorporate hydrating/cooling foods such as apple, celery, coconut, cucumber, melon, papaya and spinach. 

4. Use soothing masks. 

Make sure the mask you’re using contains ingredients such as oatmeal, cucumber, and aloe vera. You can also make your own by simply mixing those ingredients into a paste and applying it to your face for about 15 minutes.

5. Reduce stress levels.

Do something you enjoy, laugh with friends and meditate daily.

6. Spritz on some rose water.

Not only does it feel decadent but it soothes and calms redness. Also look for this ingredient in facial lotions and cleansers.

7. When all else fails, makeup is a sure bet.

Using green concealers helps to cancel out redness. My favorite product is by Lily Lolo called Blush Away an excellent powder product that helps to reduce redness. 

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