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Your Top Redhead Skin Questions, Answered

Dr. Leslie Baumann, a redhead + renowned dermatologist, answers your questions!

New season, new redhead skin routine. No question is ever a dumb question in a dermatologist’s office, especially when it comes to skin sensitivity.

We talked with Dr. Leslie Baumann, a dermatologist, author, and researcher based in Miami, Florida, to answer the top skincare questions H2BAR receives monthly:

1. How can a redhead avoid dry skin in the spring/summer months?

Dr. Baumann suggests using a proper cleanser and moisturizer. “If you have dry skin, my favorite barrier repair moisturizer is Zerafite Barrier Repair Moisturizer, sold only by dermatologists.” 

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2. How can a redhead avoid greasy, oily skin in the spring/summer months?

It’s all about the proper cleanser and moisturizer for your skin type. “Oily skin types usually do well with a salicylic acid cleanser.” 

3. What is your #1 tip for transitioning your skin from winter to spring?

It depends on your skin type and where you live. If you are in place with seasons, as it warms up you can switch to a lighter moisturizer. Some skin types change seasonally. See your dermatologist if your skincare stops working for you.”

4. Let’s talk about rosacea! What should a person with rosacea avoid?

Dr. Baumann says redheads experience red flushing (aka rosacea). “Rosacea is very, very common in light skin and redheads often have light skin. In my practice, I see it in about 40% of redheads. It is more common if the person has a history of sun exposure.”

“Rosacea-prone skin types should avoid friction like facial brushes, scrubs, and microdermabrasion. In some people, eliminating triggers like alcohol, spicy food and hot drinks can help as well, ” Baumann recommends.

5. What is your favorite anti-inflammatory ingredient?

Argan oil!

6. Do you have a favorite sunscreen?

“I am a big fan of PCA Skincare Weightless SPF 45, Elta MD Physical Broad Sunscreen, Obagi Sun Shield Mineral Broad Spectrum SPF 50 and Obagi Sun Shield Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Cool.”


7. What is your #1 tip for treating those with acne?

Acne is the single most common skin condition in the United States, and it can affect both teens and adults.” Dr. Baumann suggests working closely with your dermatologist to find the right skin routine and also address the main causes of the acne:

  1. Decrease oil production: “Salicylic acid cleansers and toners can penetrate through the oil to clean out clogged pores and spot treatments can help remove excess oil.”
  2. Prevent clogged pores: “Salicylic acid and retinol are often prescribed together to help manage clogged pores.”
  3. Always wash your face at night.

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