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Everything Redheads Need to Know About Liquid Bronzer

Tips for Redheads Wanting to Get Their Glow On

Bronzing drops and glow creams are taking over the makeup world. These liquid bronzing products can give your redhead skin a healthy glow and a “bronzed from within” look. For those of us more familiar with powder or cream bronzing products, it might feel a little foreign, but here’s everything you need to know about using these products as a redhead: 

1. You will need to moisturize

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with liquid bronzer is applying it to skin that’s too dry. These products will cling to dry patches and leave you looking splotchy, so make sure you’ve exfoliated and moisturized before you start applying.

2. It goes on before foundation 

One big difference between a liquid bronzer and a powder or cream bronzer is its application. Liquid bronzing products should go on before your foundation. Liquid bronzer helps to brighten and add glow to the face, and you want this to look as natural as possible. Apply before your foundation for a glowy look.

3. Less is more for redheads 

Any form of bronzing can be a lot on fair-skinned redheads, but with liquid bronzing products, you really have to be careful. Too much can make the skin muddy and uneven. Start with a little bit, and avoid anything too orange. 

4. Avoid all over use 

You might see influencers and beauty gurus using these liquid products all over their faces, but for redheads, this might not work. Using the product all over is fine if your skin is tanned or you have very warm undertones. For redheads, you might risk looking too orange. Instead, focus on the high points of the face where you would get a little color. 

5. You can still use your favorite bronzer products

Liquid bronzers aren’t meant to replace your other bronzers, they work together. Liquid bronzer gives you that natural glow, while other bronzers can be used later in your routine to add dimension and warm up the face as needed. 

Rock it like a Redhead!


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