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Redhead Edition: Pros and Cons of Different Makeup Removal Methods

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You’ve heard the saying “not all things are created equally” and that goes for makeup removers too. Removing your makeup every single day can be harsh on sensitive redhead skin, so the method you use really matters. Here are the pros and cons of different methods of makeup removal. 

Option 1: Cleanser + Water

The simplest way to remove makeup is simply by washing your face. This can be a great method if you’re in a pinch or if your skin is too sensitive for other remover products. The great thing about this method is it takes no additional products, but it can be messy and you might not get all the makeup off (especially waterproof mascara). 

Pros: Sensitive Skin Friendly, Cost Effective  |  Cons: Messy, Might Leave Residue 

Option 2: Makeup Wipes

Another popular method is makeup wipes. These are great for the on-the-go and will remove all your makeup in just a few swipes. Unfortunately, they can be quite drying and are wasteful because you’re disposing of each wipe. They can also be expensive if you use a lot of them.

Pros: Effective, Mess Free, Travel Friendly  |  Cons: Can Dry Out Skin, Not Eco-Friendly, Expensive

Option 3: Makeup Remover Balm

Balms can help to melt makeup so it can be more easily washed off. Most balms are pretty hydrating on the vase and are also sensitive skin friendly. However, using a balm can be quite messy and takes some practice. 

Pros: Hydrating, Effective, Sensitive Skin Safe  | Cons: Messy

Option 4: Facial Oil

Like a balm, using oil can help to loosen makeup so it can be washed off more easily. Also like a balm, it can be messy and might not be a good choice for oily skin

Pros: Hydrating, Effective, Sensitive Skin Safe  | Cons: Messy, Bad for Oily Skin

Option 5: Makeup Eraser (H2BAR Editor’s Favorite*)

Similar to a makeup remover wipe, a makeup eraser is used to wipe the makeup off the face. Unlike a wipe, makeup erasers are reusable and made of a microfiber cloth. You soak them in warm water and they instantly take off makeup. This can be messy because of the water, but the cloth does soak up the water a bit. 

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Pros: Eco-Friendly, Sensitive Skin Safe  | Cons: Messy

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