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Do Sensitive Skinned Redheads Really Need to Set Their Makeup?

Is This Step Really Important?

There are a lot of steps to getting a flawless face of makeup, and sometimes it feels like some of them are unnecessary. One of those steps is setting. So, do redheads really need to set their makeup? Yes, but there are some exceptions.

Always set a full face

If you’ve got a full face on, set it. No questions asked. You spend time and money on that look and setting it will help it look better, last longer, and keep from smudging. Setting your makeup is always super important in the warmer months. Sweat and heat can cause makeup to run and be a mess by the end of the day. Setting it will lock it in place so you look fantastic all day long!

Choose the right method for your skin

Skin type can change the way makeup sits and the way it wears. If you have particularly oily skin, you’ll probably need to set your look with something mattifying. If your skin leans dryer you might want to set it with a spray to add hydration. If your skin is more on the normal or combination side, try a mix of both.

Pick the perfect finish

Setting products can help you get the finish you want regardless of the base products you used. Spraying a setting spray can help to add dewiness and hydration to a mostly powder look while adding a powder to a cream look can help to give you a more matte finish.

So, what’s the exception?

Wearing just a little mascara and gloss? Or maybe a tinted SPF and some cream blush? Skip the setting. Of course, you can set it if you want, a light setting spray is quick, easy, and will give you a nice dewy finish but it’s really not necessary. No makeup looks are meant to be effortless and take minimal time so you’ll be fine without the extra step.

What are the best setting products?

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