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The Best Setting Sprays For Smudge-Proof Redhead Makeup

Stay flawless + keep your makeup on all day

Doing your redhead makeup takes time and energy, and you don’t want your hard work melting off halfway through the day. Setting sprays are ideal because they keep your makeup in place –– the difficult task is to find one that is redhead-approved. That’s why we’ve gathered our favorite setting sprays as well as some tips and tricks for smudge-proof makeup: 

1. Prep your skin

You need a good base for makeup that lasts all day, and that starts with prepping your skin. Exfoliating and using moisturizer will help your skin hold the makeup better so it lasts longer.

2. Use a primer

Just like when you paint a wall, you have to use a primer before you apply foundation. Not only will the primer help your makeup last longer, but it will also give you a smooth, even surface to work on. You should also apply primer to your eyelids and even your lips for better holding power.

3. Opt for oil-free

One of the main reasons your makeup melts off throughout the day is because your face is producing oils. These oils are natural and you can’t exactly stop them, but you can cut down on shine and excess oil by using an oil-free foundation.

4. Use a setting powder

If you’re using all liquid and creme-based products, it’s important to use a setting powder in areas that may crease or get oily. This usually includes your under-eye and t-zone. 

5. Finish your look with a redhead-approved setting spray: 

Simply spritz at the end of your look and you will be in awe over how long your makeup stays in place!

Rock it like a Redhead!