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7 Best Redhead Makeup Secrets for Mature Skin

If you’re past the age where your redhead skin is immune to gravity, your redhead makeup needs may include addressing things like fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven texture — you know, all naturally-occurring things that happen when you live long enough to acquire infinite experience and wisdom. Some mature redheads choose to forgo makeup altogether as their red hair takes on a lighter or more-brown shade. 

Julianne Moore is gracefully aging with glowing skin and the best redhead makeup techniques. By making slight adjustments to the way you apply makeup (like evaluating the formulas and colors that you choose and working with your natural coloring), your skin can appear more youthful and vibrant. Some key components that can help mature redheads appear more youthful are listed below: 

1. Moisturize intensely

Even if you choose not to wear any makeup, this one simple step will do wonders for your skin. Use a moisture-rich serum or lotion that can aid in plumping the skin and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, moisturized skin aids in flawless makeup application. 

2. Apply sunscreen always

Apply a full spectrum SPF of at least 30, either in your daytime lotion or makeup. This is also another crucial step for all mature redheads as research has proven that the sun emits harmful UV rays which expedite aging, especially in pale and sensitive skin. 

3. Find a foundation that matches your skin

Opt for a foundation that matches your skin tone because discoloration can significantly age the skin. The consistency of the formula that you choose is equally important. For instance, go for liquids or creams as they increase moisture in your skin. Avoid powder formulas that can exaggerate dry skin and settle into fine lines.

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4. Choose lighter eyeliner shades

Although black is a classic it can age you significantly. Try out some different shades or colors, such as grey, brown, taupe, purple, or even emerald green for a fresh updated look. If you’re wanting to try out other shades, look to the color wheel and find the color opposite of your eye color.

For example, if you have green eyes go for purple shades, with blue eyes go for browns or copper, and brown eyes look best in blues.

This trick applies for eyeshadows too!

5. Try a clear, brown, or brown-black mascara and opt for Finally Have Brows for your eyebrows

Most redheads prefer to use black mascara to define their lashes but as you age harsh shades become less flattering on the skin and can exaggerate dark circles or skin imperfections. Opt for brown or deep auburn mascara. For your brows, choose a natural eyebrow gel that does all of the work for you! How to be a Redhead’s Finally Have Brows is getting 5-stars and you can see why: 

6. Look for natural lip colors that enhance your lip color

Coral, berry, or jewel tones look best on all redheads regardless of skin tone.

7. Apply a little rouge on the apples of your cheeks

Blush can do wonders to lift the face and create a youthful feel. Once again look for natural colors such as light corals, peaches, or apricots that look best on mature redheads.

Lastly, these are simply recommendations and there are never strict rules for what redheads can and can’t wear. The most important thing is that you feel confident in whatever makeup choices you make.


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