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6 Areas to Apply Concealer on Your Redhead Skin

Apply Your Concealer Like a Pro

Concealer is a great way to brighten the face, add a lifting effect, and cover any pesky blemishes. Applying your concealer to the right areas on your redhead skin can have a big impact on how your makeup looks. Here are the correct areas to apply your concealer. 

1. Under Eyes

There are a lot of methods for applying concealer under the eyes. The best method for providing both coverage and lift is to apply your concealer in two areas. First, apply a small amount to the inner corner of the eye and just under the inner corner to cover any dark circles. Then apply an angled line from the outer corner of the eye towards the temple to create that lifted effect. 

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2. Brow Bone

If you wish to accentuate your brow bone you can apply a small amount of concealer under the brow at the furthest side of the eye. This can be especially beneficial if you want some definition between your brow and your eye shadow. 

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3. Bridge of Your Nose 

Elongate and slim the nose with a small line of concealer down the bridge stopping about ¼ inch before the tip. To accentuate the tip leave a space and then apply a small dot on the tip of the nose. 

4. Cupids Bow

Applying concealer to your cupid’s bow can help to accentuate the lips and make them look fuller. Be cautious not to apply too much as you don’t want your entire upper lip covered in concealer. 

5. Forehead and Chin

If you wish to add definition to the forehead and chin, you can apply a small amount in the center of the forehead and/or chin and blend outwards. 

6. Blemishes 

Cover any pesky pimples with a little dot of concealer, and then blend out the edges. Apply more as needed to cover the entire blemish. Be sure to use a concealer close to your foundation shade for large blemishes so as to not draw more attention to them. For particularly red blemishes, try a color-correcting concealer. 

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