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Strawberry Girl Makeup Trend: Is It Just Redhead Makeup?

Hmm...That Looks Familiar

Hailey Beiber has been the “it girl” trendsetter on social media for the past few years — from “glazed donut” nails to her newest look “strawberry makeup”. The strawberry trend has garnered over 23 million views on TikTok and the hashtag has over 13 million views alone.

To break it down, the Rhode founder, starts off with skincare and brows, and hops right in with cream bronzer, concealer, blush, and highlighter. She applies bronzer to her lids and adds in some freckles and liquid eyeliner. She finishes off the look with mascara and some lip color. 

As the name suggests, the trend is all about pink and red hues. It’s also delicate, dewy, soft and blush-forward — appearing as though you’d smudged a ripe strawberry onto the apples of your cheeks or spent your day frolicking through a berry field. You might be wondering, what in the world makes this routine special? Well, really…nothing. The big takeaway from this look is she’s skipping the foundation and *adding* freckles.

For lots of redheads, this makeup routine is super familiar. This routine (or some modified version) is what lots of redheads do on a daily basis. 

Watch Bieber’s viral “strawberry makeup” video:


Everday Strawberry Makeup 🍓💋

♬ Echos in My Mind (Lofi) – Muspace Lofi

See other redheads rocking “strawberry makeup”:


strawberry girl🍓 #strawberrymakeup #freckles #welovecoco

♬ bad idea right? – Olivia Rodrigo


Strawberry Makeup on my freckle complexion. ✨👩🏻‍🦰🍓 #strawberrymakeup #straberryshortcake #freckle #gingermakeup #redheadmakeup

♬ Speed Drive (From Barbie The Album) – Charli XCX


not this being my everyday makeup already #strawberrymakeup #makeuptrend

♬ august sped up – r & m <33


its just what looks the best on us I think??? ✨🍓 #strawberrymakeup #strawberrygirl #fyp

♬ mirrorball x about you – jay


Strawbery makeup is trending but this is just my everyday as a redhead 🍓🫶🏼 #strawberry #strawberrymakeup🍓 #strawberrymakeup #redhead #gingerhair #redheadmakeup #haileybieber #foryoupage

♬ just the way things go – marz✿:*・✩


I love it 🧡 #strawberrymakeup #redheadmakeup #summermakeuplook #modelcanada

♬ AIME MOI – Speed Up – kobzx2z

Our take on the trend: 

We think this is another situation when redheads, and redhead makeup, is on trend. Is it here to stay? We shall see. But, we’re enjoying watching millions of influencers/TikTokers celebrate makeup influenced by all of us redheads.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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