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7 Fall Nail Ideas You’re Going to Obsess Over This Redhead Season

Get Nail Inspo for Redhead Season

As we say goodbye to the lazy warm days of summer and welcome in the crisp autumn breeze of Redhead Season, it’s time to start thinking about your fall nails! Here are some trending styles to get you inspired for your next salon visit. 

Glazed Donut

Made popular by Hailey Beiber, the glazed donut nail has gone viral. This gorgeous milky chrome nail look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. For summer we loved a white more opalescent base, but try mixing it up for fall with a more pink or nude base for a gorgeous neutral look

Forest Green

Sage and lime green had their moments over spring and summer, but forest green is here for fall. This stunning dark green looks spectacular on all skin tones and we all know redheads look amazing in green. 

Mixed Finish

An up-and-coming nail trend we are seeing is the mixed finish. This allows for texture and depth while keeping things cohesive and minimalist. This style is especially popular with the modern “American manicure” tip design.

Wine/Black Cherry

Step aside true red, wine, and black cherry red and in for fall this year. These stunning dark reds are very flattering for redhead skin and feels like a neutral without being boring. 

Accented Frenchie/American

The modern rounded “American-manicure” tip design has been popular for some time, and there is a fall twist to it. Simply add white or a metallic line under the tip to really elevate the look. 


For a fresh, fun take on fall nails, try a tortoiseshell look. This pattern is popular in all sorts of styles and pairs really nicely with gold leafing


It wouldn’t be a fall nail roundup without black nails. They are the neutrals of fall and a must-try at some point over the season. Opt for a full black nail, a minimalist pattern, or even a black french tip. 


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Rock it like a Redhead!