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5 ‘Redhead Friendly’ Ways To Wear Gold In 2020

A classic redhead color to rock this winter season!

New Year’s Eve is not the only time to wear sparkles, glitter and gold. Many love to rock this color in the winter months and the deep shade is a very complementary color for redheads. Here are five aways to rock gold in 2020.

1. Glitter Mascara 

This golden, glittery mascara from Sephora will dress up any look in a swish of the wand. Whether you decide to apply it over mascara or your natural eyelashes, you’ll shine. 

2. Glitter Hair Gel 

Want to give your natural red locks a bit of extra sparkle? Applying this gold glitter hair gel to your beautiful red hair will do the trick. It won’t stick or transfer, and it dries quickly so you can get to your party on time.

3. Glitter Gelée

Make every blink a showstopping affair with this one-step glitter gel from Glossier. It’ll give your eyelids—or anywhere you want to make sparkle—a luminous effect that will reflect light as you move. This gel is meant to stay put and shiny for 12 hours without flaking.

4. Gold Headband

Are you more of a low-key redhead, looking to shine but not spend a lot of time? This gold headband is the perfect way to enhance your NYE look without the effort. It will look like a crown atop your red hair. Go for it, queen!

5. Gold Scrunchie Bow

If you want to ensure your hair stays in place all nightdancing and all—this scrunchie with a bow is just the thing! It’ll compliment your beautiful red hair and be the perfect addition to that little black dress you’re planning to wear!

Rock it like a Redhead!