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How Redheads Can Perfect Their At-Home Manicure

Keep your nails looking "on point"

Doing your nails can be a fun relaxing activity to do at home. Knowing how to get the perfect at-home manicure can help you save your redhead cuticles, never mind money and time. Here are a few tips for perfecting your at-home manicure:

1. Know your nails

Everyone’s nails are different. If you’ve got oily nail beds, it’s important to buff your nail to create a porous surface for your polish to stick to. If you’ve got brittle nails you will want a strengthening base coat. 



2. Use the right tools

Sure you can slap on some polish and call it day, but for a true at-home manicure, you’re going to need some tools. Nail clippers, cuticle sticks, cuticle cutters, fingernail files, and a buffer are all must-haves for a good at-home manicure.



3. Clean your nails

It’s important to wash your hands before you start and also clean your nails with nail polish remover even if they are bare. This will help to wipe off any grime and debris that might get caught under the paint. Once you’ve clipped, filed, and buffed you will want to rinse your hands again to remove any nail dust. Be sure to dry them thoroughly before you start painting. 



4. Use adequate lighting

Sit someplace with good lighting from all angles, or move a small lamp next to your workspace. Shadows or low lighting can cause uneven paint or missed spots you won’t notice until later when it’s dry.

5. Take your time and practice

Learning to paint your nails, especially with your non-dominant hand, can take some time. Go slow and take your time. Use long gentle sweeping motions and don’t be afraid to mess up. 

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6. Use a good top coat

Locking in your nail art is essential, so make sure you use a quality top coat that’s quick-drying and gives you a gel-like finish. This will ensure your look lasts longer and doesn’t chip. 



7. Be patient

The easiest way to ruin your nails is by being impatient while they are drying. Before you start, set yourself up in a good spot with everything you need and void moving around much until your nails are fully dry.

Rock it like a Redhead!