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How Redheads Can Rock Red This Summer

Redheads can (and should) rock the red!

It’s a redhead summer, and it’s time to rock the red. No, we aren’t just talking about your gorgeous red hair, we’re talking about wearing the color red. People like to say redheads should stay away from red, but we disagree. Red is a classic summer color and we’re here to show you 5 ways you can rock the red this summer. 

Red Swimsuit

Red swimsuits have a little bit of a vintage feel and we’re here for it. Try a red bikini, one-piece, or even a patterned red swimsuit. The red will look gorgeous with your fair skin and red locks.

Red Wide Leg Pants

Wide-leg pants are perfect for summer because they are breezy, cool, and provide some sun protection. Try a pair of red wide-leg pants paired with your favorite top for the perfect summer look. Dress it down with a graphic tee, or dress it up with a pretty blouse. 

Red Striped Top

Red stripes are a summer classic. Opt for something vintage, something bold, or even something a little preppy. Red striped tops look amazing with denim, navy, or white pants. 

Red Dress

Have a little fun in a cute red summer dress. Pair it with your favorite neutral sandals or heels and throw on a jean jacket for a dressed-down look. 

Red Accessories

Still not sold on wearing red? Try some red accessories instead. They will add a fun pop of color to any outfit. We love red shoes, red sunglasses, and even a red handbag. Red goes great with both light and dark neutrals, navy, pink, and other warm-toned colors. 


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Rock it like a Redhead!