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Hairstyle How-To: Get Vintage 40s Waves With Redhead Bobby Pins

Over the last two decades, celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert, Hasblady Guzman, has established herself as one of the most respected tastemakers in her field, recognized for setting trends and helping to reinvent the industry with fresh new looks.

“If anyone can take chances with their hair, it’s a redhead. I love updo, pin-up styles that don’t reveal bobby pins. These pins have to be practically invisible, and it’s so hard to find red bobby pins that match. This is why I love How To Be a Redhead’s redhead bobby pins,” says Hasblady. “When doing rosette shapes in the hair, the pins have to camouflage very well.”

Here are Hasblady’s seven steps to get pin-up girl waves with the use of redhead hair accessories:

1. To create the rosettes of a Vargas girl, start with smooth, round-brushed hair and a pliable-hold aerosol hairspray. Spray your hair once over and begin curling in 1/2 inch sections with a 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch barrel curling iron. On the sides, in front of the ear, you’ll be curling toward your face. On the top, create a deep side-part and curl each side of the hair toward the parting.

2. Once you get to the back you’ll be curling backward, away from your face, in one-inch sections. With each curl you’ve created, pin it up using a redhead bobby pin to retain volume. Once it is all pinned up, spray your hair all over with the hairspray and use your hair dryer with a diffuser to give it heat for a few minutes.

3. Let the hair sit for about 20 minutes, then unpin it carefully.

4. Take a teasing brush and gently backcomb the base of your hair at the root. Using a 2 inch by 2 inch section at the middle front hair line, wind the hair away from the face, around two fingers, into the rosette shape and use redhead bobby pins in an X shape against the scalp to secure it.

5. On the sides, wind the hair around two fingers toward your face and pin securely.

6. At this point you can leave it half up or use a single French twist to create a rosette in the back connecting to the others – or two separate rosettes curling up to the others.

7. Once the shape has been fully created, spray it thoroughly with hairspray.

8. (Optional) Add in a pretty hair accessory, like a flower, to complete your look.


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