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7 Simple Holiday Hairstyles for Redheads to Rock This Season

Rock a Cute, Simple Style This Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season, and that means it’s time for holiday parties, holiday photos, outings, and gatherings. If you’re looking for cute, simple ways to do your hair this holiday season we’ve got you covered. Here are 7 of our favorite holiday hairstyles for redheads to rock:

1. Polished Ponytail

There’s nothing simpler than a ponytail, and while a pony can sometimes feel sloppy, it’s possible to make it more elevated. Polish up your ponytail by slicking the hair back, adding a ribbon, making it a high pony, or embracing your natural texture for a voluminous look.

2. Clipped Back

If you like your hair out of your face, this is the perfect way to have it styled and swept back. Adding a clip can really elevate a look, whether it’s half up or all up. Choose something festive like gold, pearls, or silver that pairs with your outfit to elevate it even more. 

3. 90s Blowout

You cannot go wrong with a 90s-style blowout. It’s perfect for pictures and holiday parties. It makes you look chic and put together with minimal effort. Set your style with velcro rollers for added hold. 

4. Braided

Braids can make your look more interesting while still being simple. Opt for a full braid, a half-up braid, or a braided section. Braids pair nicely with blowouts, waves, and curls. 

5. Knotted Updo

We know this one doesn’t look simple, but trust us it’s actually easier than you think. Start with a low pony, or multiple and twist and wrap them up, pinning them in place as you go. Alternatively, you can use a braid as your base and twist it into a bun.

6. Natural Waves

If you have natural waves embrace them! This low-effort look can be really cute if you style it properly. Don’t be afraid to use a low-heat curling iron to touch up any spots that don’t sit right. 

7. Ribbon

The quintessential holiday look… a bow! Adding ribbon or a bow to any look instantly makes it look festive and polished. It’s perfect for adding to your pony, braid, or half-up-do. Coordinate the color of the ribbon with your outfit for a chic look. 

Rock it like a Redhead!


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