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How to Use Velcro Rollers Without Damaging Your Red Tresses

Get Volume Without the Damage

The idea of putting velcro in your red hair does not conjure happy thoughts, but velcro rollers are a very popular option for curling hair and setting curls. So, they might seem scary, but there really isn’t much of a risk of damage to your hair if you follow these tips.

Always apply to smooth hair

The most common way a velcro roller could damage your red hair is if your hair becomes extremely tangled. The best way to avoid tangles is to make sure your hair is smooth and tangle-free before putting the roller in. If you’re putting them in straight hair, comb it first. If you’re applying them to curling iron curls to help them set you should be fine.

Don’t wear them to bed. Ever.

Speaking of tangles, wearing velcro rollers to bed isn’t a good idea. Not only would they be pretty uncomfortable, but the friction from your head tossing and turning on your pillow would make it pretty easy for the rollers to get tangled and cause damage to the hair. 

Avoid excess heat

When using non-heated curlers, some people like to apply heat to help the curls set faster. This can be tricky because the curler holds the hair away from your head and you might accidentally apply too much heat without realizing it. If you are going to blow dry your hair with velcro rollers in, just keep the heat low and check with your hand to make sure your hair isn’t getting too hot. 

Be gentle when removing them

Removing your velcro curlers is pretty simple, just make sure you’re gentle and don’t rip or yank them out because this could cause damage to your hair. Simply unroll them or slide them out and don’t use too much force.

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