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4 Ways to Style Your Red Hair Using a Claw Clip

The Claw Clip Trend is Back, Here's How to Rock It

Claw clips were popular in the 90s and early 2000s and now they are back! These fun plastic clips are the perfect way to get an effortless Redhead Season/autumn look in seconds. Here are four ways to style your red hair using a claw clip thanks to TikTok: 


4 Claw Clip Hairstyles ✨ #hair #hairstyle #hairtutorial #clawclip #longhair

♬ original sound – bexdoeshair

Option #1: Lower pony twist & flip

Start with your hair gathered in a ponytail somewhere below your ears. The longer your hair is, the closer to your ear line you can make the pony. If you have shorter hair you will want the pony to be lower down on the neck to ensure you get all the little hairs.

Next, you will want to angle your hands upward and twist your pony at the root until you’ve got enough twisted to fill the clip. Press the twisted portion against your head and secure it with a claw clip. Flip the remaining strands down over the clip and adjust as needed.

If your hair is particularly thick, you may find it easier to braid the hair for a few inches instead of twisting for a more secure hold. 

Option #2: Half twist and flip

Start with sectioning off the top portion of your hair to do a half-up, half-down ponytail. Section off into two sections and twist each side. Twist up and clip. Then flip the hair over the clip and adjust. Depending on the length of your hair. You may want to use a smaller clip for this style than you would for a full head of hair. 

Option #3: Half twist bun

Start with sectioning off the top portion of your hair to do a half-up, half-down ponytail. Twist the ponytail and wrap upwards. Use the clip to secure the twisted bun.

Option #4: Clipped bun

Begin securing your hair into a ponytail. On the last hair tie wrap, secure your hair into a bun leaving a portion of your ponytail hair out. Divide the leftover ponytail into two sections. Twist separately and twist together. Wrap twist around the bun and clip to secure. 


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Rock it like a Redhead!