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18 Fall Nail Art Ideas for a Fresh Redhead Season Manicure

Get Inspired for Your Next DIY Manicure Or Trip To The Salon!

Redheads, if you’re ready to change up your nails for fall, here are a few ideas to get you inspired for your next trip to the salon, or even your next at-home manicure: 

Dark + Moody

It’s time to ditch the bright colors of summer for some dark, moody fall nails like deep purple, dark red, or black. 

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Halloween Designs

What better way to get into the spirit of the spooky season than with Halloween-themed nails. Try cute ghosts, spooky symbols, or tiny pumpkins on your nails. 

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Fall Foliage

Let the fall leaves inspire your color palette and try mustard nails, brown nails, or rust-colored nails. 

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Nudes + Neutrals

You can’t go wrong with nudes and neutrals in any season, so try a skin tone flattering neutral or even a gradient of neutral colors. 

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Classic Red

Another color that never goes out of style is a classic red. It looks good on every shape and length and is perfect for fall. 

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Fall Patterns

Add a pop of fun to your nails with some fall-themed patterns. A few trendy patterns for fall include autumn florals, tortoiseshell, and abstracts in fall colors. 

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Rock it like a Redhead!