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7 Trending Fall Nail Colors For Redheads to Try in 2021

The hottest trends and guaranteed to look great with your red hair!

It’s almost Redhead Season. We definite it as the third season of the year, when red leaves bloom and fall, replicating the many shades of red hair. It’s also a time when redheads start to change their wardrobe… and their nails! 

Here are a 7 hot ‘Redhead-Friendly’ fall nail trends we think you should try: 

1. Bring on the browns

Brown is a great neutral for fall and this shade always complements red hair. Right now, brown nails are all the rage. Try doing a subtle brown design, or mix and match shades of brown to get the perfect look. The great thing about brown is they are versatile and you can opt for darker or lighter based on what looks good with your skin tone. 

‘Redhead Friendly’ shades to choose from: essie Mink Muffs, Eternal 4 Collection of Brown/Neutral Colors 

2. Maybe some merlot?

Dark reds have always been popular for fall and this year will be no exception. Red is neutral for nails and looks good on all skin tones. Deep reds like merlot, maroon, and burgundy look exceptionally good with fair skin (and freckles). 

‘Redhead Friendly’ shades to choose from: OPI Malaga Wine, Dr’s Remedy MEANINGFUL Merlot

3. A pop of mustard

Most people tend to lean dark for their fall nails, but if you want a pop of color, mustard is the way to go. It’s flattering on redheads and goes great with other fall colors. 

‘Redhead Friendly’ shades to choose from: China Glaze Mustard The Courage 1632, Cirque Colors Urbanized

4. Deep and dark

Want to embrace the spooky vibes of the fall season? Go dark with your nails. Black, dark purple, and dark blue are all great options for redheads.

‘Redhead Friendly’ shades to choose from: ZOYA Sailor, OPI Nail Lacquer Rub-a-Pub-Pub, ZOYA Belinda 

5. Green with envy  

Green is a premium color for redheads, so rock it on your nails this fall. Dark green, olive green, and sage green all look fantastic with fair skin. You can also mix and match your greens for a monochromatic look. 

‘Redhead Friendly’ shades to choose from: Duri 720 Barefoot Green, Essie Off Tropic

6. Mix and match

Can’t pick one color or design? You don’t have to! Mix and match fall colors, fun patterns, and more for the perfect fall nail look. 

‘Redhead Friendly’ shades to choose from: Queen Fingers Metallic Nail Polish, Ownest Matte Nail Polish Set

7. Delicate Designs

Want something simple but not too simple? Try a neutral nail with a delicate design. It will go with everything but won’t be boring.

‘Redhead Friendly’ shades to choose from: Eternal 5 Collection 

Rock it like a Redhead!