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Redheads: How to Wear Classic Colors This Holiday Season

Updated: November 23, 2021

Red and green are the classic colors during the holiday season. It’s always fun to dress the part in the holiday season, and redheads should really take advantage of these wonderful colors. Unfortunately, many think redheads can’t wear red, but they are wrong, wrong, wrong. Red is a great accessory color, especially when paired with the most “redhead friendly” color of them all, green.

See how redheads can rock green and red this holiday season:


Green is the perfect complement to red hair. It looks best next to your red hair; making green earrings, scarves, headbands and tops great options. The deeper the green, the more your hair will contrast and stand out.


Red can look FANTASTIC on redheads despite the belief that it contrasts with your hair. The trick is finding the right shade that goes well with your unique hair color. If you have brighter, coppery, or more orange hair, darker reds will work best. If you have darker hair (more auburn or brown), you can wear light or dark red as long as it isn’t too orange. Pops of red are usually best, lipstick, shoes, jewelry, or long gloves.

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Tip: The closer the red shade is to orange, the more likely it is to conflict with the undertones in your hair.

How to Wear Green and Red Together

The trick is to always use green as the base color. The accents of red will stand out, and the green base will work best with your red hair. Choose a deep green because it will offset the red accents and make your hair look like a fashionable accessory too.

A great tip is to accessorize with green and wear a bright red lip!

Rock it like a Redhead!