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How Redheads Can Wear Dark Red This Fall

Rock dark red like a redhead

One of the best colors of fall is dark red. Red is a color that many redheads tend to stay away from, but dark red is a whole other ballgame. Dark red won’t clash with your hair, it will make it pop. Dark red also looks really good on fair skin, but complements all skin tones too. Here are a few tips for rocking dark red this Redhead Season/autumn

Pick the right shade

Choosing the right color of red for your look can depend heavily on your skin tone. If you have a warmer skin tone, opt for warmer dark reds. If your skin is more cool-toned, you might want to choose reds that are bluer or purple-based

Use it as an accent color

An easy way to start incorporating red into your outfits is to use it as an accent color. Pick one dark red piece and let that be the star of the show. If you feel like dark red clashes with your hair, opt for wearing dark red lower on your body like a skirt, pants, shoes, or a handbag. If you want to make your hair and eyes pop, wear a dark red sweater, jacket, or scarf. 

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Create a neutral base

Having a neutral base will help your red pop and keep your outfit from being too overwhelming. White, and ivory, as well as shades of brown and black all, go well with dark red. Dark denim is a great neutral when it comes to outfits, and it looks great with dark red.

Coordinate your colors

In addition to using neutrals as a base, dark red pairs well with many other colors like pink, dark teal, and navy. Coordinating your dark red with another color can help you make a cohesive yet still colorful outfit. Here are a few visual examples of how to rock your dark red: 

Rock it like a Redhead!