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How Redheads Can Wear Purple This Fall

Make your eyes and your red hair pop with purple!

Purple is a beautiful color for redheads any time of the year, but especially in the fall/Redhead Season. Shades of purple will make your red hair pop and if you have green eyes, it will enhance those too! Here are a few ways to wear purple this fall: 

Pick The Right Shade

The trick with wearing purple is to pick the right shades. There are both warm and cool-toned shades of purple, so pick the ones that line up with your skin tone, or opt for a more neutral purple. Here are a few of the best purples for redheads. 

Lavender – A pale pastel lavender is a neutral purple that looks great on redheads with fair skin of all tones.

Royal Purple – This rich purple has a lot of blue tones in it and looks great on redheads with more cool to neutral-toned skin.

Mauve – Depending on who you ask, mauve can run the gamut from a grey-purple to a pinky brown. If you’re cool-toned, go for the more gray side, if you’re warm-toned, go brown. 

Mulberry – This dark reddish-purple is great for those redheads with more warm to neutral skin tones. 

Eggplant – An almost black-purple, eggplant is a great dark neutral for redheads of all skin tones. 

Pair with Complimentary Colors or Neutrals

Purple is one of those colors that can very easily feel overwhelming. If you want a bright outfit, balance out the purple with complimentary colors like red, yellow, or green. If you want your purple piece to pop, try pairing it with neutrals like white, ivory, black, or grey. You can also go for a more monochromatic look with different shades of purple for a really eye-catching look.

Try Purple Makeup 

A great way for redheads to rock purple is in their makeup. Purple eyeshadow, purple liner, purple mascara, and purple lipstick can all be super fun for fall. Just don’t wear them all at once!

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Rock it like a Redhead!