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Trend Alert: Bow Nail Art and How Redheads Can Rock It

Will You Try This Nail Trend?

bow nail art

Redheads, 2024 is here and we’re hopping right on the trend train. The “Coquette” aesthetic was super hot in the latter part of 2023. One of the biggest elements in the coquette aesthetic is bows and that trend is extending into the new year. We’ve seen hair bows and fashion bows and of course, nail bows. Bows are popping up on manicures left and right and we’re here to show you some ways you can rock the bow nail art trend this year. 

Ballet Bows

Coquette is all about pink, girly, flirty motifs, and ballet fits right into this look. Ballet pink nail bows are super cute and such a fun way to incorporate coquette style into your nail art. Think pink, bows, ballet shoe-inspired ribbons, pearls, and more!

White Bows

If you like things classic and simple, you might like the white bow nail art. It’s subtle but adds a cute, feminine touch to your neutral nails. White bows can be dressed up with pearls, jewels, and different finishes. 

Metallic Bows

Metallics have been super trendy, and we’re seeing a crossover with metallics and bows! Gold or silver bows are a little neutral but still have that gorgeous metallic sheen to them. 

Red Bows

You might be over the red after Christmas, but red bow nail art is so cute! Try red nails with an accent bow, plain red bows or a mix-and-match with another color like white or pink.

French Tip Bows

Top off a classic French manicure with some adorable bows. These look cute in any color and you can mix and match the tip color and bow color to match your personal aesthetic and favorite colors!

Dainty Black Bows

Much like the white bows, these dainty black bows are neutral and understated but still fun. The thin black bows look really chic and will go with any outfit. 

3D Bows

If you like the opposite of understated, try a 3D bow nail art. These bows are loud and proud and perfect for those who like a 3D nail look and some extra bling. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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