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8 Winter (Not Christmas) Nail Colors for Redheads to Rock

The Perfect Colors for the Season

With the Halloween and Thanksgiving nails long gone, it’s time for a fresh set of winter nails. Maybe you’re not ready for Christmas nails just yet, or maybe you don’t celebrate. Either way, it’s fun to have some winter colors that will get you through the cold days. Here are 8 winter nail colors we are loving for redheads this year. 

1. Frost

Bring in the colors of winter with some frost nails. This gorgeous milky silver is super flattering and an easy way to get a “winter” color that’s still light and neutral. 

Gel Polish: RARJSM Glitter Gel Nail Polish Nude Milky White Silver | Regular Polish: Essie Jingle Bells + OPI Infinite Shine Soft White Creme

2. Dark Green

Embrace the color of the green trees with a dark evergreen color. It looks gorgeous against all skin tones and is sure to get you some compliments this winter.

Gel Polish: Beetles Gel Nail Polish Emma Emerald | Regular Polish: Essie Off Tropic 

3. Dark Red

Another classic dark color is dark red. This burgundy, oxblood shade is ultra flattering and a nice change up from the bright reds of Christmas.

Gel Polish: Beetles Gel Nail Polish Burgundy Red | Regular Polish: OPI Nail Polish Got the Blues for Red

4. Pale Pink

Embrace the “cold girl” look with a pale pink. Inspired by the flush our skin gets when the cold air bites, this pink can be worn solid, or with white accents or glitter texture. 

Gel Polish: GAOY Sheer Light Pink Gel Nail Polish | Regular Polish: wet n wild Fast Dry AF Ballerina Dropout

5. Dark Blue

Going back to darker colors, skip the reds and greens associated with Christmas and embrace the blues of the season. This dark navy color looks stunning on redheads.

Gel Polish: Beetles Gel Nail Polish Midnight Ocean Navy | Regular Polish: OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

6. Red Chrome

If you like the brilliant reds, try changing it up with a red chrome. It’s festive without screaming Christmas and you can rock it all the way till the New Year!

Gel Polish: GAOY Ruby Red Gel Nail Polish | Regular Polish: Essie Rich Cherry Red | Chrome Powder: White Pearl Chrome Nail Powder

7. Plum

A deep, rich purple is stunning for wintertime, and it’s another color you can rock all season long. Opt for a more pink plum, or a true purple plum depending on your style.

Gel Polish: YTD Likomey Gel Nail Polish Wine Purple | Regular Polish: Revlon Plum Passionate

8. Gold

And of course, it’s not wintertime without some glittering gold. Go all in, or add it as an accent to neutral nails for a pop of shine. 

Gel Polish: Beetles Gel Nail Polish Champagne Gold Glitter | Regular Polish: ILNP Empire – Gold Holographic Nail Polish

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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