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What Is a Nail Wrap? And Are They A Good Option for Redheads?

Would You Try This DIY Nail Product?

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As at-home beauty treatments become more popular, we’ve seen a rise in DIY nails. Redheads usually have sensitive skin, nail beds and cuticles, so DIY nails can be more attractive — especially if you experience pain during or after a trip to the nail salon. 

Some people are perfecting the at-home manicure with regular polish, while others are learning how to apply tips, do gel, and even paint designs. For those who aren’t quite as dedicated to perfecting their craft, there are easy, mess-free options like press-on nails and nail wraps

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What are nail wraps?

Nail wraps are essentially nail polish stickers. They are self-adhesive and are applied directly to clean, prepped nails. After selecting the nail bed size that best matches each of your nails, you apply them to the nail and trim off the excess from the tip. Nail wraps are quite long, so that you have plenty to cover short, medium, or long nails. Once they have been applied and trimmed you use your nail file to clean up the edges. Nail wraps are locked in place with a clear top coat. They can be removed with acetone nail polish

Why they’re a good option for redheads:

Nail wraps can be a good option for redheads sensitive skin because they are typically adhesive-based and don’t require the use of harsh chemicals like some nail polishes or acrylic nails. However, it’s important to be cautious and ensure the adhesive used in the nail wraps is hypoallergenic. Always read the product labels and test a small area first to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions.

What are the pros and cons of wrapped nails for redheads?

Like any DIY method, there are pros and cons to using nail wraps. Some pros include that they are mess-free, easy, cheaper, and better for sensitive skin than getting a manicure in a salon. Some cons are that because they are pre-shaped, they might not be a perfect fit for your nail, and if applied incorrectly you may have issues with bubbles and peeling. 

Nail wraps take some practice, and might take some trimming to get perfect, but once you can get the hang of them they are a great way to DIY your nails.

Best nail wrap recommendation for redheads:

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