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Nail Slugging Is the Latest Trend and Our Redhead Co-Founder Tested It Out

"I highly suggest this practice for redheads."  

You’ve probably heard of “slugging” as a form of skincare. The process is simple, you simply coat your face in petroleum jelly (think: Vaseline) and keep it on overnight. This practice might be new to many of us, but it actually has roots in the Black and Korean beauty worlds and has been used for years to combat dryness and achieve a glowy look.

Nail slugging” is the newest TikTok trend and has grown in popularity as a way to heal cuticles and improve dry brittle nails. H2BAR’s very own co-founder, Stephanie Vendetti, tried the trend to heal her dry cuticles and had great results. Stephanie said, “I have very sensitive cuticles that usually bleed when I get a manicure. Slugging have given my cuticles extra-needed moisture and not only makes them soft, but less sensitive. My trips to the nail salon are no longer painful. I highly suggest this practice for redheads.”  

Here’s her 3 personal step process: 

Nail Care

Step 1 – Hydrate:

Prep your hands by applying hand cream all over, focusing primarily on the cuticles and any particularly dry areas. Stephanie likes DIONIS Goat Milk Hand Cream but has also used the DIONIS Goat Milk Sole Keeper Foot Cream which worked great on the hands as well. Both were featured in an H2BAR Box!

Step 2 – Cuticle Oil:

The next step is applying a cuticle oil, Stephanie opts for Max Green Alchemy Cuticle Rescue because it’s a natural option that smells good and was easy to apply. 

Step 3 – Lock it In:

Now it’s time to add a barrier of protection over the cuticle oil to really lock it in. Grab a Vaseline or Aquaphor product for this. Gently rub it in and let it sit overnight. If you’re worried about it being messy try a pair of light cotton gloves. 

When you wake up, your cuticles and nails will be hydrated, and smooth. Repeat as necessary.

“Slugging” allows for softer cuticles, but is also great for getting your hands back to a more ideal level of moisture.  Make sure to also maintain the skin of your hands with regular hand cream and take care for your cuticles with these special tips


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