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Why Redheads Shouldn’t Cut Their Cuticles

This is what salons don't want you to know

If you have sensitive redhead skin, this post is for you.

One of the best parts about getting your nails done at the nail salon is the clean-up and “maintenance” the nail tech performs on your nails. Cuticle care is something most of us skip more often than not, so it’s nice to have some pampering and get things in tip-top shape. One thing to watch out for is cuticle cutting; this is a common practice at some nail salons. It’s fine to trim down the cuticles a bit but some salons will chop them off completely and this can be a bad thing.

Our hands are one of the dirtiest parts of our bodies, and no amount of washing can keep them completely clean all the time. We all learned this quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cutting back your cuticles leaves you with open skin that is prone to infection and bacterial growth. Not only can you get red, infected skin, and certain funguses, but you can also cause nail problems in the future. Since redheads have very sensitive skin already, this practice can cause a world of problems. Additionally, cutting the cuticles can actually cause them to grow back more quickly and often unevenly. Uneven, frayed cuticles lead to hangnails and even more damage to your fingers

Instead of cutting the cuticle off, try pushing them back or simply trim the dry dead ends. If you do cut them at all make sure you keep them clean and sanitary to prevent infection or other issues. 

To support healthy nail growth, there’s one thing you can do to care for your cuticles (aside from not cutting them). If you’re a H2BAR Box subscriber, you know we love a cuticle oil or cream to lock in hydration and reinforce the skin barrier — especially if you live in a dry or cold climate. Some of our favorite redhead-approved cuticle oil brands are Dadi Nail Cuticle Oil ($25),  Bliss Kiss Nail Cuticle Oil ($8) or Pura’Dor Cuticle Oil ($16).

Better nail practice will give way to a healthy nail plate, as well as a nail bed that is uniform in color and free of cuts, abrasions, and rough edges.


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