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Everything Redheads Need To Know About Caring For Their Cuticles

Keep cuticles happy and healthy!

Redheads have thinner skin than those with other hair colors, this can often lead to cuts, bruises, and tears in the skin. Most of us are pretty hard on our hands and that can mean our cuticles get beat up. Scraggly cuticles can be unsightly and even painful, which is why you should take the proper steps to keep your cuticles healthy. Here are 8 tips for how redheads can have healthier cuticles. 

Don’t cut your cuticles

There’s really no reason to cut your cuticles back, and many people cut too far and cause more damage. Avoid cutting your cuticles and try pushing them back with an orange stick instead.

See a professional

If you have hard to manage cuticles, you might want to see a manicurist on a regular basis. Even if you don’t like to get your nails done, they can help you maintain your nail beds and keep cuticles healthy

Keep hands hydrated

Moisturizing your hands regularly will help keep them from drying out. Frequent washing, weather, and cleaning products are often culprits of dry hands. You can use both hydrating lotions and specific cuticle creams. 

Avoid picking at your cuticles

Many people have a tendency to pick their cuticles when bored or anxious. Try to avoid this habit by doing something else with your hands. 

Wear gloves

Protect your hands by wearing gloves when handling any sort of drying agents like dish soap, cleaning products, or bleach. 

Kick the biting habit

If you’ve got a nail/cuticle biting habit, it’s time to kick it. Putting your hands in your mouth will not only lead to unhealthy cuticles, but it’s unsanitary and could cause you to get sick. 

Skip the acetone

One of the worst things for your nails is acetone. It will make the nails weak and brittle and dry out the cuticles. Swap your nail polish remover at home for a non-acetone one and ask what options the salon has for non-acetone removal. 

Apply oils

Applying oils to the cuticles can help to soften them and reduce tearing. Some great oils for your hands include jojoba oil, sesame oil, almond oil, and vitamin E oil. 

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