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7 Nail Designs to Give Redheads Inspo This Summer

Summer Nail Season is Here!

It’s that time again — summer nail season! We all want our nails to look cute in the summertime, so we’ve gathered seven adorable designs based on the current trends to help you get inspired for your next trip to the nail salon. 

1. Double French Tips

Since French tips made their comeback they have been going strong. This summer we expect to see a lot of colored tips, especially in bright and neon colors. One trend we are loving is the double French tip with two colors. Most of the nails with this design have the same color in two shades, but we also love the idea of contrasting colors.

2. Nail Gems

Make the whole place shimmer with some bejeweled nails. Hair gems have been super popular this year, and nail gems are going to be the hit of the summer. You can do multicolored or single colors and even add them to other designs. 

3. Croc Nails

Here’s an interesting one that you will probably love or hate. No, we aren’t talking about the shoes, we’re talking about crocodile print nails. This print is super trendy this summer, especially when done on a bright-colored nail. 

4. Neon Accents

Speaking of bright nails, neon accents are always hot for summer. Try a neon color over a neutral or pair it with your other favorite colors for a fun summer nail

5. Chrome Nails

Another nail type that’s been trending for a while is chrome. This summer we are loving the chrome in brighter colors. It gives a really gorgeous finish and takes a solid color up to a whole new level. 

6. Floral Accents

Is it really spring or summer without some florals? As always florals are on trend, and this year accent nails are back. In years past, the “party nail” or accented ring finger was hot, but now a double accent nail is trendy and florals are a perfect choice.

7. Fruit Motifs

A cute and fun summer choice is fruit! Pick your favorite fruits or try them all. This is sure to be a hit at the beach or your first summer picnic. 

Rock it like a Redhead!


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