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9 Bridal Wedding Nail Designs for Redhead Brides

How to choose the perfect nail color for your big day

For a redhead bride wanting to look her best on her wedding day, it can be difficult to find the right colors. Once you nail down the perfect redhead makeup and dress details, it’s time to talk bridal nails for redheads. Check out this list of nail designs to get inspired for your big day:

Gold Accent

For the glam bride who wants a little bit of shine, try a gold accent nail. Looks great on neutral nails or even something a little fancier like marble. 


Lace Art

Looking for a romantic nail design? Try having some lace painted on. Tip: If your dress has lace, bring a photo and have them style it after your dress. 


Bold Red

If you’re a redhead bride who plans to wear a red lip, why not match your nails? Red is a statement that’s timeless and the perfect bold choice for your wedding day.



A pink and white ombre is very bridal and it looks great on all nail shapes and lengths for a subtle, elegant look. 


Natural Nails

There’s nothing more timeless than natural nails, get them trimmed and shaped up nice, and then have a very neutral polish applied and you’ll be good to go. 


Modern French

French tips have been a bridal staple for years, but the chunky white tips of the 2000s are behind us. Try a more modern French manicure with a rounded tip for your wedding. 


Something Blue

Incorporate your “something blue” into your nails with a nice light blue all over or as an accent to your nail design. 


Creamy White

For a truly bridal look, try a nice creamy white. It’s a little chicer than solid white and very romantic. 


Bridal Party Colors

If none of the traditional nail colors speak to you, why not match your wedding colors? Choose a color that matches your bridesmaid’s dresses or your bouquet to stay on theme.


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