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11 Valentine’s Day Nails Ideas For Redheads To Try

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Tis the season of love! It’s time to start dreaming up this year’s Valentine’s Day nails. We love a classic solid red or pink, but if you’re a nail art girlie you may want something with a little more pizzazz. Here’s some of our nail inspo for February to get you inspired for your redhead Valentine’s Day nails:

1. Cherry Hearts

Cherries are such a cute design for late winter and early spring. Turn your cherries into a V-Day design by having them shaped like hearts! It’s cute and subtle and you can rock it long after the holiday is over. 

2. Black Heart Nails

Pink and red not your thing? Try these ultra-chic black heart nails. They are festive without being over the top or shouting Valentine’s Day!

3. Foil Cut Out

Remember those old foiled valentines we got in elementary school? Bring them to your nails with these adorable “foil” cutout hearts. The hearts are chrome but give a super cute retro style. 

4. Chili Peppers

Spice things up with some chili pepper-inspired nails. These are so cute for V-Day but let you ditch the heart motifs altogether. 

5. Red + Pearls

Another non-heart design we are loving is these 3D pearls with a pop of red. You cannot go wrong with a red nail and this is the perfect way to mix it up for V-Day.

6. Heart Tips

Obviously, heart tips have to make the list. Shaping your French tips out of hearts is such a unique way to play up your nails in February!

7. Red + White

A classic style we are loving is the white nail with mini red hearts. It’s subtle and chic but also super cute and feels very Valentine’s without being over the top. 

8. Alternative V-Day

You love love but not the motifs of the holiday. Try a more “alternative” V-Day style. Play into the hearts but in a more edgy way. Looks super cute with red and/or gold chrome!

9. Kiss Kiss

Pucker up redheads, it’s the season of kissing and even your nails can rock a few lip prints this season. 

10. Red + Pink Graphic

If you go to a seriously talented nail artist (or you’re talented at doing your own) you’ve got to take these photos in for your Feb nails. The red and pink graphics are so cute and fun!

11. Floral

Who doesn’t love flowers on Valentine’s Day? Add some to your fingers to celebrate the season and the upcoming spring! We love anything red and pink, maybe even some heart-shaped flowers.

Rock it like a Redhead!


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