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5 Redhead-Specific Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

By: Anna J. Terrill

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your beautiful redhead?  Let us make your search a little easier!  Here are 5 redhead-specific spins on a traditional box of chocolates that will match up with the lifestyle of your lady.

1. For the Redhead Who Needs to Unwind:

Want to help your redhead find her zen?  You could start by helping her find her red zen!

Splurge on a nice bottle of her favorite wine!  And then match her favorite wine with a Rewined Soy Wax Candle.  Like they say, give a girl a bottle of wine, and she’ll relax for a day.  Give a girl a wine-scented candle, and she’ll relax for months!  These candles come in reclaimed wine bottles and are scented to match your favorite wine.

Of course, we all know wine pairs great with chocolate, but let’s put a relaxing spin on our favorite treat.  Try Cocoa Butter Truffles Bathtub Soaks.  These will turn your lady’s nightly soak into an all-out spa experience.  Plus, they’re zero calories!

Then, if you really want to show her you care, add this Slip pure silk pillowcase. Unlike normal cotton pillowcases, this sham is hypoallergenic (perfect for a redhead’s sensitive skin), protects hair from split ends, and helps to ensure a full night of beauty rest.

Top this gift off with a coupon for a free massage from you, and you will have assembled a gift your lady will love.

2. For the Redhead On the Go

If your girl is constantly on the move, then you know she needs practical gifts to make her life simpler… but first, coffee! Starbucks recently issued these ceramic travel tumblers with art representing fifty cities and states.  I’ve been rocking the Oklahoma tumbler with these super cute painted buffaloes basically every day.

Another must-have for a girl on the go is a cleansing stick.  A busy woman doesn’t always have time to refresh her face between appointments, but with cleansing sticks, you can just grab it out of your purse, work it into your damp face, lather, and rinse.  We are fans of this Belif True Tincture Cleansing Stick because it is made with soothing chamomile and is paraben, sulfate, and phthalate-free, so it’s ideal for a redhead’s sensitive skin.

Complete this travel-friendly gift with a cute travel-inspired planner. Earn some extra cute points by penciling in date nights in the planner ahead of time.  You’re welcome.

3. For the Redheaded Activist:

Looking for a gift that says I love you and your cause?  Look no further.  There are numerous companies today that have discovered the benefits of selling their products while giving back.

So, don’t just get her a normal box of chocolates this year; get her JCoCo Sea Salt Caramels. Every delicious piece of chocolate this company sells equals a serving of food for someone in need.

If she needs a cute beanie to protect her red hair during this winter season, try one from Love Your Melon. For every hat purchased, they give a hat to a child battling cancer, and that’s actually the least of what this company is doing!

Maybe your girl is more of a sock person than a hat person. Check out the Conscious Step Socks Collection.  I know what you’re thinking. Socks for Valentine’s Day? But, ladies love cute socks! And this trio of socks is made with the softest organic cotton and crafted in fair trade conditions. The money from each collection purchased goes to three causes. The yellow and black pair equals two books for schoolchildren in Asia; the argyle pair provides 18 months of safe water for a person in need, and the red and black pair raises awareness of concerns directly related to poverty.

4. For the Redheaded Book Worm:

Let’s start this gift with the most useful book you can add to her collection. Order a copy of the How to be a Redhead book—the essential guide to becoming your most radiant, redheaded you! She will love this all-encompassing guide to beauty and confidence if it’s not already a part of her collection.

Book-lovers will also adore these book-themed candles. Frostbeard Studio has created a collection of book-scented candles spanning from “Gatsby’s Mansion” to “Divination Classroom.” I have one in the “Old Books” scent in my home-library, and I love it!  A Valentine-specific scent like “Trashy Romance Novel” or “Sexy Librarian” would be a hit this holiday.

And lastly, your literature-lover will get a kick out of Shakespeare’s Love Sonnets in the form of Mad Libs. You could go ahead and fill in the first one as a love letter to your lady!

5. For the Long-Distance Redhead:

Even though she may not get to start her morning with you, you can help her to start her morning with a smile.  Check out these long-distance relationship coffee mugs, specified to your locations.

Also, adorable latitude-longitude necklaces will make sure your girl keeps you near her heart.

Then, if you want to let your lady know she’s always beautiful, even at a distance, consider subscribing her to a beauty box.  Nothing says, “Honey, you’re perfect, let me help you stay that way” like an H2BAR Subscription Box.  Your redheaded beauty will receive a new box every month full of redhead-friendly beauty products that have been used and approved by redheads around that world.  This is a no fuss gift on your end that will be greatly appreciated on her end.

If you’re a man, I know that you may not understand the complexities of finding products that are perfect for our hair and skin but trust us, it’s complicated!  And, any time you do something to make our lives less complicated (i.e. the dishes), we are usually inclined to reciprocate enthusiastically. And you know what would make the reciprocating even easier? A plane ticket to visit you.

So, you don’t have to take my word for it, but I’m a redheaded lady, and I would adore any of these gifts!  You hear that fellas?  I WANT ALL OF THESE GIFTS. And don’t forget, redheads, to share this article with your special someone, or at least leave it conveniently open on your laptop for them to see “accidentally!”
Happy Valentine’s Day, redheads!