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10 Redhead Romance Films For Valentine’s Day

Redheads supporting fellow redheads in film

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Redheads, it’s almost Valentine’s Day! Curl up on the couch with your loved one, your best friends, your cat, or just you, and enjoy these ten ginger romances.

1. Leap Year – Amy Adams

When Anna’s (Amy Adams) boyfriend is taking too long to propose, she takes matters into her own hands. Irish traditions say that if a woman proposes on February 29, the man can’t say no. She heads to Dublin to meet her boyfriend on a business trip with a plan, but of course, things never go according to plan.

2. Laws of Attraction – Julianne Moore

Audrey (Julianne Moore) is a divorce lawyer who has just been given a new case.  When she meets the man representing the other party, they see they’re complete opposites. But when a custody battle takes the two to Ireland, will they find that opposites attract?

3. Crazy Stupid Love – Emma Stone/Julianne Moore

This film is a double-whammy of perfect redheads: Emma Stone and Julianne Moore.  One relationship is just starting, and another is falling apart after decades of love. The intertwined love stories will take you from side-aching laughter to loud sobbing in the course of two hours, and as an added bonus you’ll get plenty of shirtless Ryan Gosling.

4. Sixteen Candles – Molly Ringwald

You can never go wrong with a John Hughes movie! Samantha (Molly Ringwald) has a lot on her plate. Her perfect sister is getting married, she has a crush on the most beautiful boy in school, and she can’t get the school nerd to leave her alone.  Will she be able to find happiness in the end, when it seems like the world is working against her?

5. Not Another Happy Ending – Karen Gillan

Jane Lockhart just published her first novel that becomes an overnight best seller.  She’s on top of the world and that’s the problem. The only problem is, she can only write when she’s sad. Her publisher decides the only way to get her to write her next novel is to make her miserable. This perfect mix of comedy and drama is made even better with Karen Gillan as the lead!

6. Enchanted – Amy Adams/Susan Sarandon

When a Disney princess falls out of her kingdom and into Manhattan, things get a little out of control.  Will she go back to her world with prince charming, or stay in New York with an equally charming man, played by Patrick Dempsey?

7. The Kids Are All Right – Julianne Moore

This film is about more than just romantic love, but the love of family. Juls (Julianne Moore) and Nic have two beautiful teenagers. The couple conceived them through artificial insemination, and the now-teenagers have decided they want to meet their biological dad. Will the mothers be able to welcome him into their home?

8. Pride and Prejudice – Simon Wood

Time for the redheaded men to represent! While he’s not the star, Charles Bingley is an absolute gem in Pride and Prejudice. The wealthy and very socially awkward young man falls in love with a beautiful girl from a more common family. Forces try to tear them apart, but can everyone manage to be happy in the end?

9. Titanic – Kate Winslet

Would this really be a list of romantic films without including Titanic?  Rose (Kate Winslet), with gorgeous deep red hair, boards the Titanic’s maiden voyage with her fiancé.  She had accepted the boring, unhappy life that lay ahead of her until she meets Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) and her life is changed forever.

10. Bridesmaids – Ellie Kemper

If you’ve had your fill of love stories and want just want a good time, Ellie Kemper alongside Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph are here for you.  Annie was in no position to be a bridesmaid, being broke and single, but when her best friend asks her to take the role she had to rise to the occasion. Your abs will ache from laughter at the end of this film.

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