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Podcast S5 EP26: “If Jessica Chastain Doesn’t Have To Then Neither Do I”

with guest, Sophie Anna Everhard

Sophie Anna Everhard

If you were a teen or tween in the mid to late 2000’s you know this week’s guest. Maybe you know her face, or her name or maybe you remember her character’s iconic screenname “BigRedhead”.

Sophie Anna Everhard is an actress, model, entertainment executive, and natural redhead. She’s best known for her role as Dylan Marvil in the Warner Premiere movie, The Clique, based on a New York Times best-selling book. She’s appeared in TV shows on Nickelodeon, ABC Family, and the CW, and in many national commercials. Most recently, she’s worked with CeraVe & T-Mobile.

Sophie is the former Head of Operations at Sofar Sounds, a global live experiences company that’s been named the world’s second most innovative company in music, where she spent nearly a decade growing the company. Sophie graduated from NYU and has been splitting her time between NYC and LA ever since.

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Some of the questions Adrienne + Stephanie asked her:

  1. What was it like for you growing up as a redhead?
  2. What was it like playing Dylan Marvil in The Clique?
  3. Would you ever dye your hair another color for a movie role? We share that Jessica Chastain only wears wigs and will not dye her hair. Sophie responded, “If Jessica Chastain doesn’t have to then neither will I..” Hence, the title of this episode!
  4. You have a fun, unique way of putting together outfits. You put together looks inspired by songs. Which song has inspired an outfit recently?
  5. You moved to Los Angeles at 13 to start your acting career. Since then, have you noticed more opportunities for redheads in modeling and acting? We feel like we see a lot more redheads in advertisements now.
  6. You spent almost a decade building a company that helps new music artists connect to fans through intimate live shows. Have you noticed a connection between an artist’s visual style and their ability to build a following?
  7. Tell us the story of how you learned that you need to fill in your brows.
  8. You’ve partnered with us for the launch of our Finally Glossy Shine and Luminosity Shampoo. What did you think after using our shampoo?

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