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Podcast S5 EP24: Expert Tips with Redhead Beauty Journalist, Shannon Bauer

Gotta love advice from a redhead beauty journalist + makeup artist

Shannon Bauer

Shannon Bauer is a beauty journalist, certified professional makeup artist, and natural redhead. She has been reporting on beauty trends and formulations and has tested the latest products for 8+ years professionally. When not on the hunt for the next best mascara, you can find her running in Brooklyn, reading a book, or trying out a new restaurant.

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When you have a redhead who’s tried hundreds of beauty products, you know it’s going to be a great podcast episode. Adrienne + Stephanie dove into a ton of topics with Shannon including things like growing up with red hair, keeping curly red hair looking amazing, and of course, keeping red hair vibrant. 

We also talked skin and beauty with some waxing questions and a talk on having “good skin” when you’ve got sensitive skin (like most redheads do.) Of course, they touched on SPF and sun protection as a form of skincare, talked morning routines and we even dove into what Shannon thinks about red hair being “a trend”. 

Looking for some of the many products recommended in this episode? We’ve got you covered:

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