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Podcast S5 EP23: Redhead Beauty 101 with Pam Cameron

Let's Talk Redhead Beauty

redhead beauty

We have a passion for beauty, specifically redhead beauty, at H2BAR. Our co-founder’s, Adrienne and Stephanie, grew up in an environment where many of the women around them were passionate about skincare, makeup, and beauty routines. The beauty industry usually doesn’t have redheads in mind when formulating products and it can make it hard for young redheads, or redheads just discovering the world of beauty to feel like they have a place to turn to.

This is what influenced Adrienne and Stephanie to start in 2012 and why they wanted to start the first-ever redhead beauty-focused podcast (the How to be a Redhead podcast) in 2018. In the podcast notes for episode 23, Adrienne and Stephanie say, ” We jump into specific topics all of the time and sometimes forget there are redheads out there without a deep background in beauty.” 

This week’s guest is Pam Cameron. She’s the lovely, kind, natural-redhead producer for the H2BAR podcast.

Adrienne + Stephanie ask Pam the following questions:

  1. We’ll start off by asking about your beauty background. Was your mom into beauty? We know you have a redhead sister too! Is she into beauty?
  2. Before meeting us, what were your beauty concerns? Did you have any? Frizzy hair? Dry, itchy skin?
  3. We sent you a box of products with hair/skin items – and Finally Have Lashes/Finally Have Brows. You’ve been testing and trying items for a while now. What questions do you have? Have you enjoyed any products?
  4. We know you asked us about using mascara how to apply it and what to do with the tube. What are your questions about mascara?
  5. Brows! How are you doing using Finally Have Brows!?
  6. Skincare: What does your skincare routine look like? What questions do you have about the steps when applying skincare?
  7. Do you wear SPF daily?
  8. Haircare: We know you just started using conditioner! How does your hair feel?
  9. Are there any products you want to try but are afraid to do so?

Looking for some of the beauty products mentioned in this episode?

And here are a few articles touched on / are related to this topic:

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