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‘LPBW’: Fans Think Audrey Roloff Is Lying About Having Natural Red Hair

This is our take. We're answering some of your questions..

Audrey Roloff gained her following when she started dating and (eventually) married Jeremy Roloff. She appeared alongside Jeremy’s family on the TLC show Little People, Big World. Now Audrey has 1.6 million Instagram followers and is a New York Times bestselling author

Audrey is known for her fiery red hair, but fans of the show and some of her followers have a theory that she isn’t a natural redhead like she claims to be. We did some digging and as redhead experts here’s what we think:

As far as we can tell…

Audrey is a natural redhead. Her freckles and complexion complements her red hair, too. We understand the speculation, but let us answer some of the popular questions asked on Audrey’s social media pages. 

Redheads: “But why is Audrey’s hair only vibrant some of the time?” 

H2BAR: As fans have pointed out, Audrey’s hair is extremely vibrant and red in most of her photos. But in a few Instagram stories, it appears to be more brown than red. The simple fact is, it’s editing. If you scroll through her feed you can see almost every single photo has increased saturation and enhanced colors. This would lead her hair to look much more vibrant in photos.

Additionally, lighting can make red hair look different and if you have darker red hair, it can look almost brown in certain lighting. Red hair really comes out in the sunlight and in brighter lighting. 

Redheads: “Why don’t her kids have red hair?” 

H2BAR: For fans, a major red flag has been that her kids don’t have red hair, but people need to remember red hair is a recessive gene. Audrey’s redhead gene may skip one or more generations or her husband may not carry the gene —  which means her kiddos wouldn’t have red hair. Her kids are also blonde and red hair can show up later as our hair darkens with age.

Redheads: “Her hair looks dyed, it doesn’t look natural.” 

H2BAR: Some people think Audrey’s hair simply “looks” dyed. This is matter of opinion, but remember lots of redhead touch up their roots, get a glaze or gloss or use color depositing shampoo to keep their locks vibrant. This doesn’t mean she isn’t a natural redhead. If you scroll back on Audrey’s social media every photo of her for the past 10-15 years shows her with this same color, as do some throwback photos from when she was a kid.

Our final thoughts

For a natural redhead, there is no worse comment than, “your hair doesn’t look red.” So, if Audrey says her hair is natural, we don’t want to offend her because we know the feeling when it happens to us. Take a scroll through her social and you will never see roots:

What do you think?

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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