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10 Awkward Situations Redheads Can All Relate To

And what we may be thinking internally or externally (sarcasm may be included)

Being a redhead is a unique experience. As we have always said at H2BAR, it’s important to embrace individuality and appreciate the uniqueness of your red hair. If someone feels awkward about being a redhead, it might be influenced by societal attitudes or personal insecurities, but it’s essential to challenge such notions and celebrate diversity. If there is a way to beat awkwardness, it’s important to laugh about it and talk about it with other redheads. Here are 10 awkward moments as a redhead and what many of us may be thinking internally or externally (beware of sarcasm):

1. When someone asks if your hair is natural… and then proceeds either to not believe you or tells you they knew it must be. Why did you ask?

2. When someone questions whether you’re a redhead and thinks your hair is brown (or blonde)… no, it’s red (or strawberry blonde or a deeper red). Why would I lie?

3. When someone asks to touch your red hair… eek! Don’t make me feel uncomfortable because I want to say no, but also I feel like I’m supposed to say yes.

4. When a stranger tells you they are into redheads… that’s nice. Please don’t put that on me, chances are I’m not into you!

5. When a stranger asks if you dye your kid’s red hair… yup, my 2-year-old has a salon appointment right now actually and we’re going to be late. 

6. When someone asks if you’re blushing but it’s really just the redness in your skin… if I wasn’t embarrassed before, I sure as heck am now!

7. When someone thinks you have a tan but it’s actually just your freckles getting darker (in the summer)… thanks for the momentary confidence boost, it’s just the freckles. 

8. When you get color matched at the makeup store and there’s nothing light enough… show me to the white face paint, please. It’s my last hope.

9. When you’re the only one who gets sunburnt, and it’s not even that sunny… I put sunscreen on, yet I’m the one with a sunburn now.

10. When people assume you’re related to another redhead in the room… but really, I’ve never met them in my life. 

Rock it like a Redhead!


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